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In order to keep properties warm in the winter months, insulation is needed. For properties built before the 1980s, this may mean using building materials containing asbestos or other potentially hazardous waste.

Exposure to asbestos containing materials — particularly to airborne fibers — can be lethal and is linked to lung cancer. This often happens when a roof leak occurs on an old building and insulation or asbestos shingles are disturbed during repairs.

At ES America, we provide a range of environmental services, including asbestos abatement asbestos testing, and more. We are your asbestos abatement contractors of choice, carrying out testing and asbestos removal where required.

Asbestos Abatement Company in Winder, Georgia

Our team works with asbestos, lead, and a variety of other hazardous materials. We also provide mold abatement, air quality testing, and a wealth of services designed to keep residential and commercial properties safe in Winder, GA.

Reach out to our team today and hire a professional company to handle your asbestos remediation job. Contact our customer service team right away to schedule your free consultation.

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ES was amazing! Highly recommended. I called in a panic about a wall we had to remove and they came the next day and had results the following morning. The inspector that came was professional, kind, and super informed. Don't hesitate. Call them!

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Liz Matos Sastre


Elias has been great every time I’ve dealt with him. I now request him personally when I make my appointments to make sure I have a seamless experience every time.

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Laban Davis


I was contacted promptly after inquiry, Eli was great in explaining where specifically the asbestos was found in my older mobile home, and how it was to be removed before the structure could be demolished. Job was done great and within the timeframe they stated in the estimate. Would definitely recommend.

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Brittany P