Is safe using an Asbestos Testing Kit?

Asbestos is well-known to be a highly hazardous material that can cause serious health issues among those that are exposed to it. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that can be found in rock and soil and is known for its fiber strength and heat resistance. Asbestos is commonly found in building materials and consumer goods. Lung cancer, mesothelioma (a cancer that affects the lining of the lung, chest, abdomen, and heart), and asbestosis have all been linked to asbestos exposure.

Although most people are aware that asbestos is toxic, many people falsely assume that it is no longer used in current materials or goods. Real, the EPA attempted to ban most asbestos-containing goods in 1989, but the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated and remanded the law. The ban on the manufacture, importation, manufacturing, and sale of asbestos-containing goods was overturned as a result.

Asbestos test kits have become common because asbestos is still present in older structures, such as homes and workplaces. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using an asbestos test kit, and what is the difference between a home test kit and a professional test kit? In the following post, we’ll go through these topics and more.

The Pros of Using an Asbestos Test Kit 

Many home improvement stores sell asbestos testing kits if you’re afraid that you have asbestos in your home. Although they differ to some extent, these kits usually contain a sample pack, plastic gloves, instructions, and a comprehensive order form. 

Asbestos test kits are normally inexpensive, but some require you to pay an additional charge for the lab to analyze the samples you submit. You must purchase a separate kit for each sample that you want to send in if the lab fees are included in the kit. 

If you’re worried about asbestos and don’t have any other choices for deciding if you have hazardous substances in your house, home asbestos testing kits can help. In some cases, using an asbestos home test kit rather than paying an hourly rate for a specialized contractor will save you money. These kits are the best choice in states or areas where specialist asbestos test kits are hard to come by or where accreditation is missing. 

The Cons of Using an Asbestos Test Kit 

When it comes to asbestos monitoring kits, there are two things to bear in mind. The first is that, while they might seem to be the most cost-effective alternative at first, the additional lab testing fees are often far higher than you’d anticipate. This additional fee will often push the price up to the level of a home inspection by an asbestos specialist. 

The second thing to remember is that many asbestos-containing materials aren’t hazardous unless they’re contaminated or disturbed. The EPA advises that undamaged asbestos-containing products be left alone and that they be destroyed as little as possible. 

If you plan to use a home asbestos monitoring kit, be sure to read the directions carefully to avoid accidentally exposing yourself to asbestos. To ensure your safety, put on gloves, goggles, and dust respirators. 

Asbestos Professionals 

There are two types of certified asbestos experts you will need to contact if you plan to employ someone to conduct a professional asbestos test rather than using a home testing kit. The first are asbestos inspectors, who will come to your home and examine it, evaluate the situation, take samples, and advise you about what you should do. If asbestos inspectors decide that repairs are needed, they can also ensure that everything is done correctly afterward. 

Asbestos contractors are the second category, and they are qualified to safely treat, fix, or remove asbestos materials.. Professionals who work with asbestos in Georgia are expected to be certified. 

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