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Because of its tough, durable character, asbestos, a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral, was a common constituent in construction materials until the 1980s, when it was outlawed due to the revelation of significant linked health hazards. However, the suspension of production did not imply that all products, including floor tiles, had been pulled out of houses or totally withdrawn from shelves. As a result, many homes sit unknowingly on elements that can be particularly dangerous when exposed during removal and restoration.

Continue reading if you reside in an older home and are concerned about asbestos floor tiles. We’ll educate you about the dangers of asbestos and how to detect its presence, as well as what you can do to keep your family safe.


Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that was historically put into various building materials in the United States. When these ancient materials are disturbed, dust is released that can cause people to become ill later in life. Asbestos is fibrous, which means it can be ripped apart into a soft, woolly texture. When asbestos fibers are mixed into construction materials, they become stronger and more heat resistant.

As a result, asbestos was a common ingredient in vinyl flooring products for much of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, inhaling asbestos dust can result in a variety of dangerous ailments. When you breathe in minute asbestos fibers, they might get permanently lodged in your body. Asbestos cannot be dissolved by the human body. Instead, asbestos fibers may eventually induce scar tissue buildup or genetic alterations that lead to cancer.

For decades, the asbestos business hid the hazards of asbestos. However, by the 1970s, the medical data had accumulated. Thousands of tradespeople who spent their lives dealing with asbestos-containing products have perished as a result of asbestos-related ailments. Even though the use of asbestos is now restricted in the United States, thousands of people die each year as a result of previous uses of this poisonous mineral.

It is best to presume that any flooring installed prior to 1980 contains asbestos. You can’t tell if a product contains asbestos merely by looking at it if it doesn’t have a manufacturer’s label. You can be certain by having an asbestos-abatement specialist inspect the material. You can also send a sample of the flooring to be tested to a lab.

When is flooring hazardous?

When intact and in good condition, asbestos-containing flooring is not considered unsafe. However, humidity, moisture, or ageing may cause flooring to become friable. Friable refers to the ability of the flooring to collapse under hand pressure. Additionally, flooring may be rendered friable during removal. Friable flooring can cause asbestos to be released into the air. When asbestos is released into the air, it poses a health threat to those who breathe it.

Types of Asbestos Floor Tiles

Floor tiles, vinyl and asphalt asbestos tiles were popular asbestos-containing flooring options incorporated in buildings and homes. These two types of asbestos floor tiles had differing properties, including:

Vinyl Asbestos Tiles: Also called plastic tiles, these were often used in heavy-traffic areas. Asbestos fibers were mixed into the vinyl resin during production. Vinyl tiles were produced in three main sizes: 9×9, 12×12 and 18×18 inches.

Asphalt Asbestos Tiles: These tiles contained asphalt and gilsonite as the main binding agents. They were usually produced in 9×9-inch and 12×12-inch sizes.

As a contracting company for asbestos removal, our business adheres to all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) protocols and regulations in order to remove those materials.

Source: E.P.A

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