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Sandy Springs Asbestos Survey

To determine if asbestos fibers are present or absent in building materials, visual identification alone is not sufficient. To effectively diagnose and quantify asbestos fibers in building materials, asbestos inspections or asbestos screenings must be conducted. Our expert asbestos testing and removal techs are here to help.

Asbestos inspections for residential and commercial buildings require sampling and laboratory analysis of the building materials. To safely perform and manage asbestos abatement, building purchasers and owners should know if their building contains asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Sandy Springs Asbestos Testing, Abatement, and Inspection Services

Asbestos inspection in Sandy Springs is commonly required before demolition or renovation of an older building, after floods, or when natural disasters have caused suspected damage to older buildings.  

ES America, a highly professional and certified asbestos inspection and testing company, can be best for carrying out all your asbestos related procedures. We offer asbestos testing services and carry out asbestos inspections in Sandy Springs and other parts of the United States. Call us now for any query or hire us for asbestos testing and removal.

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I highly recommend ES-America's services. Knowing very little about asbestos, I researched widely and called many companies. Sarah and Elias by far surpassed their competition. For me, ES out-shined others with their commitment and excitement about their chosen expertise (all about asbestos). On our first call, Sarah answered my questions quickly and thoroughly, which prompted deeper questions that I had not asked other companies (because the reps seemed lacking in knowledge or interest). With other companies, I felt the need to continue searching. With Sarah, I hired ES after the first call. Elias came the next day and was just as enthusiastic and competent. He worked quickly and then expertly taped over and cleaned up the test areas. The test results arrived within hours - and thankfully were all negative. Last note: their pricing seems competitive.

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l sab


They were able to visit the property and get testing back to us in no time. Victoria was great to work with and communicated with us throughout the whole process. Will definitely be using their company again in the future.

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ES was amazing! Highly recommended. I called in a panic about a wall we had to remove and they came the next day and had results the following morning. The inspector that came was professional, kind, and super informed. Don't hesitate. Call them!

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Liz Matos Sastre

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