Are black mastic asbestos-containing?

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These black mastic adhesives contained approximately 15-85% asbestos. Yet, some asbestos adhesives were made until 1984. As a result, whether your house was constructed or remodeled prior to 1984, you could have black mastic adhesive with asbestos in it. One of the surest ways of deciding if a suspected sample has asbestos is to locate an old can. Many old houses have cans of paint in attics, basements, under stairways, in outbuildings, or left outside.

Black mastic was used as an adhesive for durable flooring like ceramic tile, linoleum, and others. Mastic has fallen out of use, but you can still see it on cans from days gone by. Some black mastics can contain asbestos, which is the major concern. Mesothelioma is an illness that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Mastic is a catch-all name for glue-like flooring adhesives. Latex mastics are modern; and can be softened with water. This mastic was originally created using asphalt-based cement, not asphaltic cement.

Black mastic asbestos is only visible when floor covering is removed. It’s primarily black in color. However, there might be signs of other colors, for instance, remnants of subflooring and floor covering that were not fully removed. There will be no visible asbestos fibers in the mastic. Though mastic cutback is not damaged by water and many cleaners, intense sanding can cause it to become thick and tar-like from the sun.

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