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Mold Remediation Bogart GA

Are you looking for a trusted local mold remediation company in Bogart, Georgia? Mold is a type of fungus that can grow indoors under the right conditions. Professional inspection and remediation are required if you’ve recently suffered water damage or noticed mold at your home or business. 

At ES America, we offer a range of mold testing services, remediation, and removal services. Exposure to mold spores often causes mild allergic symptoms, including sneezing, coughing, and itching. If you believe your home has a mold infestation, it is highly recommended to contact a company that specializes in mold restoration services right away.

Repeated exposure to mold can cause more severe problems, including physical symptoms like headache and fatigue, and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Working with a mold remediation company is the only way to ensure a mold-free living environment.

Bogart GA Mold Testing and Removal

At ES America, we have more than two decades of experience with mold infestations, mold removal, and water damage restoration. If you’ve noticed black mold or experienced water problems due to water or fire damage, we can inspect your building and find solutions that work. 

As a leading service provider in Bogart, GA, we can fix your mold problems and protect your home or business. If you need mold remediation in Bogart, GA or other service areas in the United States, we will do a great job. To learn more and get a free consultation, please contact our friendly customer service team today!

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We needed an asbestos report for a tear down and rebuild. It couldn't have been easier they showed up took the samples they needed and quickly got the report back to us back to us in a couple days. Elias Hernandez was our services agent 👍👍👍

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Charmayne Scruggs


I am very pleased with the work performed by Environmental Services Of America. Elias came out to look at a job, talked to me through it until I understood the entire process. They showed up on the schedule day and worked till the job was done. Elias sent pictures of the progress every day and when I got back to the house it was perfectly clean, they could not have done a better job.

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Billy Broom


I was contacted promptly after inquiry, Eli was great in explaining where specifically the asbestos was found in my older mobile home, and how it was to be removed before the structure could be demolished. Job was done great and within the timeframe they stated in the estimate. Would definitely recommend.

Brittany P