Asbestos Abatement: Cheap or expensive??

Asbestos Abatement

The asbestos abatement cost varies widely depending on the size of the contaminated area and type of material. If the asbestos is in good condition and has not been disturbed, it should be left alone. If the material is weakened and flaking, or if a restoration is expected, proper abatement must be performed. While this can seem to be a hassle, with appropriate precautions and a competent abatement contractor, it can be a simple and cost-effective addition to the renovations.

Step 1: Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing should be done prior to any asbestos removal. Asbestos inspections typically cost between $275 and $650, but this can vary depending on the size of the location. Asbestos inspections include taking a small sample of the suspected material(s) and sending it to a laboratory for examination. To avoid possible contamination, proper protective equipment is worn, the substance is treated with water, and a plastic sheet is placed underneath the removed area. The region is often enclosed to prevent loose fibers from escaping.

Step 2: Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos abatement cost for a standard single-family house range from $2,500 and $13,500. The most common types of asbestos abatement projects and their average costs are as follows: removal of Asbestos Paper Wrap Or Tape Used To Seal Or Insulate Heating Ducts ($2,700 to $4,900), stripping of asbestos siding (up to $13,800 for an entire house), removal of a popcorn ceiling texture ($3,900 to $9,700), or selective demolition of asbestos-containing sheetrock and joint compound (an additional $2,700 to $4,900). This charges do contribute to the cost of a renovation, but they are only a minor proportion of the total building cost which would save you from inadvertently contaminating your home and putting your families at risk.

Step 3: Final Inspection

The next move after the abatement is done is a final inspection. Following a visual inspection, air samples are taken to search for airborne fibers. This usually costs between $375 and $845.
When all of this is over, you will be able to rest in your asbestos-free, newly renovated house! It is critical to recognize that, while asbestos abatement may seem to be a needless expense, it is a valuable expenditure that is critical to the health of its inhabitants.

However, the prices listed here are approximations of consumer prices. It is important to emphasize that each project is exceptional, and as a result, the rates are tailored to each task.
Before providing a quote, our technicians will do a thorough examination of your asbestos removal job in order to provide a reasonable price for your project.

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I was contacted promptly after inquiry, Eli was great in explaining where specifically the asbestos was found in my older mobile home, and how it was to be removed before the structure could be demolished. Job was done great and within the timeframe they stated in the estimate. Would definitely recommend.

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Brittany P


I am very pleased with the work performed by Environmental Services Of America. Elias came out to look at a job, talked to me through it until I understood the entire process. They showed up on the schedule day and worked till the job was done. Elias sent pictures of the progress every day and when I got back to the house it was perfectly clean, they could not have done a better job.

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Billy Broom


Thinking of asbestos, mold, or any other pollutant can be a nightmare. But Elias has been my biggest support as a Realtor in this regard. He always responds quickly to my requirements and gives me the best options to solve any problem. I highly recommend Environmental Services of America

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Betsy Garrido

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