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Albany Asbestos Testing Company

There is no room for guesswork regarding asbestos inspection and testing. Instead, you need testing services that provide complete and comprehensive insight into the status of your building materials or other property elements. Exposure to asbestos fibers can cause cancer or other potentially lethal issues.

ES America provides testing services to deliver full peace of mind in Albany, GA. Our team conducts expert laboratory analysis to identify any asbestos-containing material (ACM) in the sample. You can rely on our results.

Asbestos Testing Company In Albany, Georgia

The professionals on our team have extensive experience performing asbestos surveys, inspections, and testing. We deliver these services to commercial and residential properties and can also provide removal services.

Reach out to the team to discuss your needs – from asbestos abatement to lead paint removal – we can take care of your property. Set up a no-obligation consultation for our services in Albany, GA today!

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ES was amazing! Highly recommended. I called in a panic about a wall we had to remove and they came the next day and had results the following morning. The inspector that came was professional, kind, and super informed. Don't hesitate. Call them!

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Liz Matos Sastre


They were able to visit the property and get testing back to us in no time. Victoria was great to work with and communicated with us throughout the whole process. Will definitely be using their company again in the future.

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Sara in the office was polite and punctual. Elias came out almost immediately and collected samples. Within four hours I had my results. This company is a model how all companies should work


David Digiacomo

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